What might it be like to Work at Capital One?

A history and review of Capital One's recruitment incentives for Associates

Capital One is named as the 3rd    ‘Best Place to work in the UK’ by    the Sunday Times .


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What might it be like to work at Capital One?

This is a HIstory and Review Website of Capital One's Graduate Recruitment Website 

If you have arrived here by error, and are looking for jobs at Capital One then please click here to go to Capital One's Careers

This website originally was Capital One's Graduate Recruitment website. It is now a review of that information and Capital One and it's Graduate schemes, benefits and associate incentives. What is Capital One?, all about its history, location and work ethic etc.

The website began as below and looked to paint an attractive image of working in the finance sector and at Capital One in particular. Not only is the company promoted but even Trent House (Nottingham) the company location.

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Whatever your opinion on Capital One, or Graduate Schemes in general, you will be amazed before you are half way through this website on what a tremendous and exciting company Capital One is not only to work for but to be part of

"At Capital One we always welcome graduates who are looking for a different way of working. We've built an entrepreneurial, creative environment here, where good ideas are always more important than how long you've been in the role. We put you in a real job from day one. We give you important work that will challenge you. And we like to make sure there are no barriers in your way. This website gives you an in-depth look into how we work, where your skills will fit in, and what makes us so different. "

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"Now, a lot of people get the wrong idea when we say we're mavericks."Capital One HQ

Capital One has rarely toed the line and its graduate scheme is not different. Compare the content (ignore critique) in this website with BarclayCard's similar offering and you will begin to see that Capital One is a very different fiscal animal

"So, who are we? We're a world-ranking financial services company but, more than that, we're an information business - information powers our decisions and underpins our success across the globe. We apply it intelligently to create financial solutions for our customers - from credit cards and loans, to savings products and beyond. In the eight years since we began, we've created an increasingly diverse portfolio of business interests. "

"On this site, you can read our story, learn about our strategies and meet some of our people. We have all kinds of things to tell - some of them will challenge what you think about a career in financial services. All of them, however, are true."

And now, more than ever before, organisations are recognising that it is the talent, creativity, commitment and knowledge of their people which offer the most potential for differentiation in an increasingly competitive environment.

By working with a broad range of recruitment consultancies, from recent start-up agencies to global recruitment players, we aim to ensure our candidates get the right opportunities for their continued career growth.

Our clients also benefit from an open and honest culture where our consultants are encouraged to think creatively to provide effective solutions to staffing requirements.

For us, success is when both the candidate and the company see the placement as an excellent opportunity well taken.

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